My name is Zaid Abdulla. I have been programming since I was 10 y/o. Since early 90's, programming was my main hobby. I would spend hours in front of my PC6001 computer making little games in BASIC and trying to squeeze CPU cycles by writing certain parts in assembly. Then later I learned C/C++ and that's when my hobby took a serious turn.

During my college days, I did a few freelance projects for TV channels in the Middle East. Mostly games and interactive shows using Direct 3D. A couple of years after that I left my full-time job at an Animation studio in Syria where I worked on a system for interactive shows for TV to join the hectic world of Internet startups. I worked (telecommuting) with a small startup company in Sillicon Valley,, doing all sorts of crazy things using PHP, .NET, Python, Facebook SDK, Google App Engine SDK. Not to mention Linux server administration and MYSQL database performance fine tuning.

Nowadays, in addition to my day job, I do freelance projects every now and then. And I contribute to OGRE3D open source project in my free time.